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Tena Durrani Eid Collection 2015 For Female

Tena Durrani eid collection 2015 is right here right now, pure kinds of Eid dresses which have been looking the exceptional looking one, they are present in this collection line! For this collection, modeling has been done by Rubab Ali and Photography & Art Direction has been done by Ayaz Anis Khan and also Hair & Makeup has been done by Raana Khan.


Long shirts, open shirts and also frocks styled up shirts decorated with the fancy embellished work can be seen in this collection and these shirts are paired up with the pants, tights, straight pants and these outfits have been covered with the colors like yellow, red, orange and also white and grey. If you like these kinds of stylish dresses and if you have been the oldest fan of Tena Durrani hub then right now, you should be showing loyalty towards this brand!


You should be buying the dresses from this collection line, it is this bit of fancy collection line but you will get a queen feeling, a princess feeling if you will catchup with its dresses. Join too the face book fan page of Tena Durrani hub, you should also be having a look at all of the pictures of this collection line that has been launched by this top most hub. It is not the end of the Eid collection lines from this hub, you will be having more and more from this brand,just stay tuned with us all the day



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