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Maria B Mbroidered Collection 2015 For Female

Maria.B collection is right here right now and yes it is this Membroidred Collection 2015, it is the unstitched collection line and you will be loving these embroidered dresses! In this post complete details will be given to you about this Maria B collection line, do you know that it is the most awaited MBROIDERED EID Collection Catalogue 2015 and this collection launched on the 24th June online and it was available from 26th June on all of the leading retailers and also on the MARIA.B. Outlets nationwide.


If you want to make a purchase of this collection line then you can also visit the site of this hub, www.mariab.pk. For the details of this collection, Photography and Design has been done by Muhammad Azam, modeling has been done by Rubab Ali, Hair & Make-Up has been done by Saim. It is one of the best embroidered collection lines so far and you must not be missing it. You can have these embroidered suits in long and medium shirts form, you can have these beautiful cuts in the shade of red, pink, white, purple, aqua, maroon and grey.


Join too the face book fan page of Maria.B hub, you also have to look at all of the pictures of this collection line. You will love this MBROIDERED EID Collection and you will have this wish too to grab of all21012_10153496171972577_4517558289920409974_n 1661860_10153496172087577_1904017027749649641_n 10153768_10153496171692577_1495635371415063504_n 10252013_10153496171842577_5015831141099187353_n 10298871_10153496171532577_9027967068303087446_n 10300005_10153496171522577_1246639994935289479_n 10339555_10153496171982577_2782805268459554095_n 10405413_10153496171102577_901152065847894739_n 10443552_10153496171392577_2114839066962527581_n 10487250_10153496171582577_6452688405958650917_n 10511222_10153496172177577_8178109456411724330_n 11015356_10153496171462577_1767979351875786600_n 11031148_10153496171802577_7242687503601172635_n 11216584_10153496171387577_1915080369120907179_n 11222531_10153496172327577_6565394024661438887_n 11234868_10153496171702577_2021314851510792747_n 11252549_10153496171892577_7930793726757973369_n 11390059_10153496171937577_5920924197620615545_n 11403472_10153496171657577_6615483803504522024_n 11412126_10153496171332577_8714650491527627227_n of these cuts and pieces. So what are you waiting for, get it right now!

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  1. You have got a very elegant collection of ready to wear womens collection. The colors chosen perfectly compliment the weather.

  2. I bought Bridal Wedding Dresses last month from was good i want to reorder send me link for new latest pakistani designer dressses catalogue

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