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Pakistani Jewelry

See Some Fashion Jewelry Trends Among Pakistani Girls

Jewelry has been trending the most and it is a statement for almost all the women. Women love jewelry and they always style themselves up with earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Talking about trends, do we really know what kind of jewelry will be adorned in 2018? Jewelry designers have been bringing new designs very frequently that help you improve your taste and keeps you up with the trend as well. However, as per the fashion enthusiasts, all we get to know is that 2018 will be all about eclectic, elegant and bold jewelry with asymmetric and mismatched styles as well as some vintage designs. Here are a few styles that have been trending this year and are destined to be popular all over the year.  So, if you are ready to give the trend a test run, here are a few things you need to see.

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Bold Statements

Bold, chunky, grand jewelry has up for 2018. All these demand attention and allow the user to express their unique personal style. Big chunky earrings and hoops have been extra popular with celebrities but they sure cause you a lot of pain by pulling right at the lobes.

Vintage Look

Vintage has been in style again. Even though it was long gone but it still back with a bang and the feminism and romance of vintage-inspired jewelry is a great change. From totally simple and sleek styles and minimalist jewelry, the style has shifted to baroque pearls and ornate earrings.

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Natural Pearls

Pearls have never gone out of style. They are the miracles of natures and are mostly available in different color, myriad of shapes from organic to almost perfect. It is said that in the year 2018, the least popular and the most underrated Tahitian black pearls will be trending the most. Be it necklaces or pendants, chokers or bracelets, studs or hoops, natural pearls look the best in every style!

Layered Pieces

While chokers were trending in 2017, layered necklaces have been in style in 2018 and have been the most popular due to Kim Kardashian. These made a strong return and are quite addictive too. You can either wear them together or one at a time, they give a very elegant look.  They look fine and simple and not only necklaces but layered fashion jewelry for ladies & girls has been in for rings and bracelets as well.

Pakistani Jewelry

Shoulder Length Earrings

Chandelier earrings have been in fashion lately but in the year 2018, you get to see shoulder length earrings that are so long, they actually hit the shoulders. The trend has been going great plus it has also been on the fashion week but it totally depends on the ladies whether they plan to wear it or not.

Brooch? Yes, Of-Course

Brooches? Yes, you heard it right! Brooches have been in style for 2018 and even though brooches have been popular among middle-aged women, this year you’ll see younger consumers getting bejeweled brooches on their bomber jackets. Brooches used to be as spectacular as pendants and women in Hollywood films wore incredible brooches so in 2018 we are hoping for a full-blown invasion of brooches.

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Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings

In 2017, we saw thick oversized hoop earrings trending. However, in 2018, there’s a twist. Hoop earrings for girls & ladies are in style but they are asymmetrical now. They look even more trendy and slipping them on boosts some confidence into you. You don’t have to worry about one ear being significantly lighter because, no matter what, both your ear lobes will look stylish. Moreover, mismatched hoops look super cool together. Mixed metals and rhinestone detailing enhance your look.

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